Our laundry-handling innovations were the first in the industry. Today we keep our customers out in front. The E-Tech story is all about innovation and experience.

By the time Lee Ekola founded our company in 1970, he already knew the business well. As a boy, he’d swept floors in his father’s laundry in Hibbing, Minnesota. Before he started his own business, he was the Engineering Manager for a nationwide linen supply company.

Lee and his wife Bev founded E-Tech, then called Ekola Engineering, because he saw a need for efficient, powerful material handling systems. Ekola Engineering developed the first track systems to automate loading. As the industry transitioned to tunnel washers, the company transformed its technology to help laundries achieve greater efficiency and productivity. When the company debuted eRail, the system quickly became the industry standard for 24/7 dependability and efficiency.

Much like eRail, our first laundry management software, RailPro, was so operator-friendly, workers in Japan could use it without translation. In recent years we made more improvements to the software and renamed it, eVue.

Today, under the leadership of Joe Schult, the company continues to draw on our unmatched industry experience. We continue to adapt and evolve to help our customers stay ahead of new challenges. And we continue to deserve our reputation for the industry’s most timely, responsive, and knowledgeable service.

Our tradition of experience and innovation is built into every aspect of E-Tech's newest generation of products. Our eRail rail systems and eVue Laundry Management Software systems are designed, customized, programmed, and supported by people who understand that every detail affects your bottom line.

Now more than ever, you need to maximize productivity, minimize downtime, and impress your customers. You need to manage labor and utility costs. You need to maintain safety and reliability. You need to stay competitive.

We get it. So we do it right. We build it to last. And we deliver the support you need to keep it growing.