eVue Just Keeps Getting Better - October

Here are the very latest features and updates available.

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New in eVue:  Alarm Trends Report

Adding another report to our arsenal, the alarm trends report has been requested by many of our maintenance users.   This report shows alarm trends over the past 2 weeks, allowing maintenance to focus on fixing problem areas that are in need of the most help.    


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eVue Just Keeps Getting Better - March

Here are the very latest features and updates available.

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New in eVue:  eVue Anywhere App

eVue Anywhere.  Because you can’t be everywhere.  Access all your eVue Metrics from your phone or tablet with our new app.   View data from multiple plants in one clean interface allowing you to focus on what matters.  Providing easy access to your data is our job.  Just another reason to love eVue.  

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Systems Performance School - Spring 2018 Seminars

Kannegiesser ETECH is excited to announce our Spring 2018 Service Seminar!

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eVue Just Keeps Getting Better - December

Here are the very latest features and updates available.

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New in eVue:  Complete Sling History

Making an already great tool better!  The new sling history lets you know more than just where a sling has been.   Now in a single view see all system events like a user editing the sling’s weight, the alarms a sling had on its journey throughout the system, the result of a sling’s stop at a validation station, or how the sling got tagged to a tunnel.  When you need to do some detective work on a sling, this will become your tool of choice.   

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Finding Laundry Efficiency Gains At Home

Director of Software Development Larry Erickson recently had an article featured in the Laundry Ledger.    In it Larry discusses the correlations between a typical household laundry and that of industrial laundry.    We learn that the efficiency gains that can happen as the result of optimizing machines and processes, apply to both locations.   

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eVue Just Keeps Getting Better - September

Here are the very latest features and updates available.

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New in eVue:  eVue Anywhere.  The name speaks for itself.  

Access to all your metrics from any device, anytime, anywhere.   The dashboard view allows you to compare and contrast strengths and weaknesses across all your plants.  Dive deeper with the plant portal which allows access to every single eVue metrics report as if you are at your laundry.  Whether you are a part of corporate and interested in an easier way to access data for multiple sites, or a plant manager who would love to be able to check-in from a mid-week round of golf, we believe you soon will wonder how you functioned without eVue Anywhere.  We believe this is your data and providing easy access to it is our job.  Just another reason to love eVue.  

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Kannegiesser USA and E-Tech, Inc. merge to form Kannegiesser ETECH

Minneapolis, MN

Kannegiesser USA, a wholly owned subsidiary of Herbert Kannegiesser GmbH, has entered an agreement to purchase E-Tech, Inc. of Minneapolis, MN. The new company, Kannegiesser ETECH, will begin merged operations immediately.

Martin Kannegiesser, CEO of Herbert Kannegiesser GmbH recently signed the agreement with E-Tech, Inc. owner Joe Schult. The merged company will focus on the North American market bringing completely integrated automated equipment solutions for laundry operators.

Kannegiesser is a well-known brand world-wide with the highest quality washing, finishing and uniform processing systems. The E-Tech product line of eRail Monorail and conveyor solutions as well as their industry leading eVue Software is the perfect complement to the Kannegiesser laundry processing equipment.

“In the future, the integration of machine technology with logistics and conveyor technology will continue to gain in importance, which is why we need a strong North American team on site" according to Martin Kannegiesser.

Kannegiesser ETECH will have its headquarters in Minneapolis and have a sales and service support office in Dallas as well. The combined company will be led by Phil Hart, CEO and Joe Schult will take the role of COO for Kannegiesser ETECH.

“This decision to invest in a manufacturing facility in North America is both a representation of the dedication to our market, and a testament to the quality of E-Tech’s design and manufacturing in Minneapolis” according to Phil Hart.

Herbert Kannegiesser GmbH is the world's largest manufacturer of equipment for the industrial laundry sector. The company, headquartered in Vlotho, Germany generated sales of over $330M USD (300 million euro) in 2015, operates in 53 countries and employs over 1,600 people world-wide, with approximately 190 employees in North America.

Contact: Tony Schult | 612-722-1366 ext. 141 |

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Moving In

We recently moved into our new location! 70,000 square ft of manufacturing and office space right next to the University of Minnesota.

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Clean Care stays competitive with Rail Advances

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