eVue Just Keeps Getting Better - September

Here are the very latest features and updates available.

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New in eVue:  eVue Anywhere.  The name speaks for itself.  

Access to all your metrics from any device, anytime, anywhere.   The dashboard view allows you to compare and contrast strengths and weaknesses across all your plants.  Dive deeper with the plant portal which allows access to every single eVue metrics report as if you are at your laundry.  Whether you are a part of corporate and interested in an easier way to access data for multiple sites, or a plant manager who would love to be able to check-in from a mid-week round of golf, we believe you soon will wonder how you functioned without eVue Anywhere.  We believe this is your data and providing easy access to it is our job.  Just another reason to love eVue.  

New in eVue:  Maintenance can control IO like never before.

We know it has been a bit cumbersome to troubleshoot IO points or manually fire an output from eVue.   No more cross-referencing layouts or io lists, and no more jumping from screen to screen to have easy access to the detailed io information you want.  A user with the right permissions can simply enable “IO DETAILS” mode and then simply click on any IO from the overview to force on or off, read a description, learn what panel the point is located in, and even see a wiring diagram.  eVue just gave maintenance users new super powers!



Detailed Video Walkthrough:

New in eVue: Tooltips.  Help is always a click away.

Months or years after your plant is running it can be tough to remember what all of eVue’s settings are for. Yes, it is in the manual somewhere, but for quick questions who wants to dive into that.  Training new employees also becomes a whole lot easier. Tooltips to the rescue!

New in eVue:  Pinch to zoom on overview.

Everyone has been trying to do it for years, we figured we would make people look less silly.

New in eVue:  Area Alert Texts.   Never let alarms slow down production again.  

We have all seen it happen.    A misplaced cart blocks an empty sling, causing the sort area to run out of slings, which cripples sort productivity.   Now eVue users can be alerted via text or email when the sort area, washing, or clean side has an alarm that lasts 5 minutes or more.  A simple solution to a devastating problem.   

New in eVue:  Call Maintenance. Help is on the way dear!

One of our most popular eVue Labor features is the call maintenance feature.  For those of you who don’t know, this feature allows employees who need help to simply hit a button on an eVue interface to send a text message to the maintenance staff.  The feature is so popular we wanted everyone to benefit.  From the overview, simply click on a production point and send a help request.  

New in eVue:  Setup Reports. Helping you see the big picture.

eVue makes it easy to setup your plants customers and products.  The sort and route configurations allow every customer’s setup to be completely customized.  We have found however that sometimes you want to look at all customers routing, or every customer’s sort utilization.  This can help you realize under-utilized storage rails or sort stations, and help you optimize the whole process.   When you see more, you can do more!

New in eVue:  To break cakes or not break cakes, that is the question.  

Our customers that have our cake breaking devices for dryer pod transfers into slings have seen the benefits of breaking up these cakes.  They have also seen that sometimes breaking up smaller products  (wash clothes) does more harm than good.  Having an option here will lead to less headaches.  

Detailed Video Walkthrough: 

Thank you for reading about the latest eVue release and I hope you are as excited about the new features as we are.   Along with these new features, there have been many tweaks, bug fixes, and some major performance optimizations. Every 2 months or so we will have a new update available with new and exciting features based on your requests and needs.  If you have an idea for an eVue feature, send us a note at evueideas@gmail.com​