eVue Just Keeps Getting Better - December

eVue Just Keeps Getting Better

Here are the very latest features and updates available.

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New in eVue:  Complete Sling History

Making an already great tool better!  The new sling history lets you know more than just where a sling has been.   Now in a single view see all system events like a user editing the sling’s weight, the alarms a sling had on its journey throughout the system, the result of a sling’s stop at a validation station, or how the sling got tagged to a tunnel.  When you need to do some detective work on a sling, this will become your tool of choice.   


New in eVue:  Rail Notes

Have you ever turned off a storage rail because you absolutely did not want any more sheets to get washed, only to have someone else turn the rail back on?  Think of the new rail notes feature like leaving a sticky note for future users about why you turned a rail off.  Simply hit the note button after turning a rail off, and other users will see your note before they can turn the rail back on.   Simple and unobtrusive, rail notes is a feature that has been requested by many eVue users.  

New in eVue: All Reports View

Calling all eVue power users.   We wanted to make you a single page that contained every eVue report that existed, and allowed you to quickly get the emails or csv exports you crave.  We know you use our software everyday and know exactly what data you want, so we are happy to enable you to get that information as quickly as possible.  

New in eVue:  PowerTrans Integrations.

eVue now has real time PowerTrans pocket and alarm information right on the overview screen.   We also made it so you could pull up PowerTrans messages, chemical, and water consumption reports.   When you see more, you can do more.  

New in eVue:  Simplified And Streamlined Email Health Checks

Our new at a glance Health Check Reports help you get a quick pulse of your monthly eVue server health.  Our new reporting system gives you a simple five-star rating system to keep track of your eVue server’s health and diagnose problems before they cause you downtime.

New in eVue:  Metrics Exports For All

eVue Metrics users love the ability to email, print, and export their reports.   Our top level reports have had this capability for some time, but if you dove in deeper on a specific product, customer, user, or machine you were not able to export all the data you wanted to.   You asked for it, we delivered.  

New in eVue:  Weight Validation Reports

eVue’s weight validation rails are a great way to help guarantee accurate weight throughout your system.   We added a report suite of this data to give you the visibility needed to see how accurate your operators and equipment are capturing weight.   

Thank you for reading about the latest eVue release and I hope you are as excited about the new features as we are.   Every 2 months or so we will have a new update available with new and exciting features based on your requests and needs.  If you have an idea for an eVue feature, send us a note at evueideas@gmail.com​