eVue Just Keeps Getting Better - March

eVue Just Keeps Getting Better

Here are the very latest features and updates available.

Call SPT today and say you want the latest eVue.  


New in eVue:  eVue Anywhere App

eVue Anywhere.  Because you can’t be everywhere.  Access all your eVue Metrics from your phone or tablet with our new app.   View data from multiple plants in one clean interface allowing you to focus on what matters.  Providing easy access to your data is our job.  Just another reason to love eVue.  

New in eVue:  eVue Clean Equipment Integrations

Truly seamless integrated systems.  By having eVue Labor build directly into clean equipment, there is no need for additional hardware, sensors, or login stations.  100% integration leads to more accurate counts, less maintenance, and a higher adoption rate.  

New in eVue:  eVue Anywhere Details

Making an already great tool better!  eVue Anywhere details let you dive in to each key area of your plant, showing you the data that matters so you can focus on making impactful decisions.   

New in eVue:  New Washing eVue Anywhere Integrations

We are continually adding more and more data into eVue.  One new integration is water usage and faults from tunnels available from eVue Anywhere.  When you see more you can do more.  

New in eVue:  New Machine Dashboards

Our newly designed machine dashboards improve upon our existing design.  We listened to your feedback and now can support up to 7 machines, show more real time information, and also have updated the look and styling.  

New in eVue:  Metrics Table Tooltips

A few months ago we added tooltips to our setup pages and they were a big hit.  When you are looking at all of eVue’s vast reporting suite, it can be difficult to remember how certain numbers are calculated.  Tooltips to the rescue again!


New in eVue: Washer Fault Reports

More data, more analysis, all from one location.  A new ability to view your washing fault information alongside your rail fault information.   Having maintenance go to one place for fault information saves them time and lets them focus on the most critical issues.  

New in eVue: Server Alerts

Nothing matters more to our customers than downtime.  Our health checks have been very successful at ensuring our customer’s servers are running in prime condition, and are a great tool to share with our customers to show them everything is running smoothly.  Internally we wanted something more responsive because minutes matter when a plant is down.  Our server alerts, which notify us almost immediately of critical server or eVue events, will help us get plants up and running faster.  This is only the beginning of the monitoring solution we think is possible.   

New in eVue: Database backup tool.

Making it easier for you to manage your database backups.   We now are backing up to a local network drive and to Amazon’s Simple Cloud Storage Service (S3), ensuring we always have a good backup.   We wanted to make a tool that was easy for anyone to manage their backups.

Thank you for reading about the latest eVue release and I hope you are as excited about the new features as we are.   We make software releases weekly with new and exciting features based on your requests and needs.   We summarize those releases here on our website.   If you have an idea for an eVue feature, send us a note at evueideas@gmail.com