eVue Just Keeps Getting Better - October

eVue Just Keeps Getting Better

Here are the very latest features and updates available.

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New in eVue:  Alarm Trends Report

Adding another report to our arsenal, the alarm trends report has been requested by many of our maintenance users.   This report shows alarm trends over the past 2 weeks, allowing maintenance to focus on fixing problem areas that are in need of the most help.   


New in eVue:  Clean Machine Dashboard Displays

We have added another eVue dashboard to our ever-expanding arsenal.  This dashboard is perfect for situations where you want to give operators at finishing machines more insight into what just opened and what is on deck.   When you see more you can do more!

New in eVue: eVue to Powertrans Communication

eVue and Powertrans equipment now can communicate via ethernet and the industry-proven Kannlink communication protocol.  This will be more cost effective, easier to install, and allow the communication of more data than ever before.

New in eVue:  Customer Details Report

Another report to the metrics suite that focuses on customers who have many customers and need a report where they can see absolutely everyone from one view.    You asked for it, we delivered.

New in eVue:  French Support

eVue already supported English, Spanish, and Chinese; but now we offer support for our French speaking users.   C’est excitant!!!

New in eVue: Weight Verification Reporting

We know how important accurate weights are for our systems.    Many of our customers have weight verification systems, where we weigh slings a second time and alarm if the weight appears problematic.   We have made this feature more user friendly and added a report suite that will show detailed and summary information to help troubleshoot problem load cells or people.    

Thank you for reading about the latest eVue release and I hope you are as excited about the new features as we are.   We make software releases weekly with new and exciting features based on your requests and needs.   We summarize those releases here on our website.   If you have an idea for an eVue feature, send us a note at evueideas@gmail.com